Friday, 14 December 2012

MP secures debate on Health Services.

Andrew George MP secured a debate in Westminster Hall on Tues 11 Dec to debate Health Services in Cornwall.  Amongst the many issues he raised were the difficulties created by the loss of the helicopter service including the movement of blood samples.  The response from Anna Soubry, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health indicated that central Government had a confused understanding of the situation on the islands.

Click here for Hansard record of the debate.
See Column 49WH for start of debate on Health Services Cornwall
See Column 53WH (last two paras) +  start of 54WH for Minister’s response concerning Scilly.

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  1. ‘Confused understanding’ is a very charitable interpretation of Anna Soubry’s remarks. ‘Complete misunderstanding’ would be more accurate. The information she was provided with, amounting to ‘there isn’t really a problem for patients or medical samples’, clearly came from the Department of Transport; it is very worrying if that information has been used to establish the Department of Health’s position as well.

    FRIST needs to gather patient experiences to strengthen its case for improved transport links. If you can help please complete a Travel Disruption Report – see top right on the FRIST website home page.

    Mike Peaker