Monday, 25 April 2016

FRIST Newsletter

A six page transport update (FRIST newsletter April 2016) was emailed out over the weekend to individuals who have previously signed up for email updates - there are over 800 on our mailing list.  If you have not signed up (on ths website) but wish to download it then click on the link or cut and paste the link into your web browser:

Monday, 14 March 2016

Summary of recent news items.


3 Mar.  EGNOS for St Mary’s Airport – Delayed.

The new EGNOS system for the Airport, intended to help planes fly in poorer weather conditions, will still not be working by the start of the 2016 holiday season.  The Chairman of the Council’s Transport, Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee says he can’t get a satisfactory answer as to why.  Read the full Scilly Today item here  .

3 Mar.   Scilly’s Full Council rejects 15% increase in landing fees.

Full Council has sent the proposal to increase fees by 15% back to the Transport, Economic Development and Infrastructure (TEDI) Committee for more discussion. The decision had provoked an angry response from Steamship Company who stated that Council had refused to engage in any consultation with the Company over the increases.  Read the full Scilly Today item here

Comment.  A full list of Council documents provided to members of the TEDI Committee can be viewed here.   

7 Mar.  The former Chief Executive of Visit England has been appointed the new Chairman of the Islands’ Partnership.

James Berresford will take up the non-executive role for an initial three-year term. The position has been vacant since last summer, when former Chairman and Duchy Land Steward Chris Gregory stood down.  Full Scilly Today news item here

 7 Mar.  The Council won’t give up St Mary’s Airport unless they’re ‘fully satisfied’ with the choice of operator, according to the Chairman Amanda Martin.

Councillors voted last autumn to hand back the airport lease. Their 12-month notice period is due to expire on the 23rd September this year and the Duchy of Cornwall is currently looking for a new operator once the Council withdraws.  The Council has always maintained that they would continue to run the facility if a new operator couldn’t be found in time.

Comment.  See comments on this Scilly Today news item which question whether the IOSC has any legal power over who might take the lease given that the IOSC has given notice to hand the lease back.  Full Scilly Today item here

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Petition for Scotland/South West Cross Country Sleeper Service

Michael Johns-Perring has created a petition asking for the creation of a sleeper service between Edinburgh and the South West - he is seeking support “I have created the petition as a Westcountryman (a Devonian, but please don't hold that against me!) who is currently living in Edinburgh. I think a sleeper service that went from Edinburgh (and further north) to Penzance would be a real winner!”

Wording: There are sleeper services between London and Scotland, and London and the South West. We call for a sleeper service to serve the Cross Country route between Scotland and the South West. This would have economic, social and environmental benefits.

To sign log in here:
It is an idea that deserves serious consideration!

Isles of Scilly Travel Initiative

A new group has formed to pursue improved travel options for the Isles of Scilly. Their web site is at They are asking interested persons to contact them (there is an email enquiry form on the website)

This new initiative is not a FRIST inspired initiative although it is welcomed by FRIST and a member of the FRIST Advisory Group is meetings with the founders of the initiative in the near future.

The text below is taken directly from the new website….

The Isles of Scilly travel initiative is being established with the aim of improving travel options to and from the Isles of Scilly. We are looking for people to join us in this venture.

A key objective is to establish a second operator. Doing this will drive healthy competition, adding to the sea and air routes that are available today.

Between now and May 2016, we are gathering information and seeking expressions of interest from anyone who might want to become involved with this venture. We are keen to hear from you, whether you are a traveller with ideas; someone with relevant expertise; or a potential investor. We promise that no correspondence, attributable data or information that you share with us will be disclosed to any other party or published without your express permission.

We are also investigating the best way to structure and fund this venture and aim to take advantage of schemes that allow small businesses and community ventures to offer tax-efficient investments. Alongside this, crowd-funding offers the possibility that ownership and control can be widely distributed.

We do not intend to offer any travel services during 2016, so please book your travel with your usual provider, and we wish you a pleasant journey.