Thursday, 24 September 2015

Council to give up Airport Lease

The Council is giving up its lease on St Mary’s airport, which could pave the way for the facility to be run by a private company. The land is currently leased from the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Council has also announced that following a recent CAA audit that St Mary’s Airport will be removed from the ‘Special Attention’ notification listing issued in October 2013.

The Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) listing identified the airport as an aerodrome requiring special attention, meaning that operations were subject to more regulatory oversight. However, subsequent revisions to the management and operating structure, together with the development of a new Safety Management System (SMS), have ensured that the airport is now operating to the standards expected by the CAA.

IOS Council statement here
Scilly Today news item here

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summary of recent news items.

11 Sep 15.  Islander Says Steamship Co Charging Too Much For Ticket Changes (23 comments).
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10 Sep 15.  Managers Tight-Lipped Over Quay Overspend In Scilly. (7 comments)
Managers in charge of the St Mary’s Quay project are remaining tight-lipped over the extent of the overspend.  Radio Scilly understands that the scheme has gone massively over its £8 million budget.   Read the full item and comments here.

9 Sep 2015.  MMO Gives Go Ahead For New Quay Widening Scheme.
The St Mary’s quay works will be completed by mid November.  Kier Construction says they can now set an end-date because the Marine Management Organisation has approved their plans to deal with the risk of contamination.  Read the full item news item here.

4 Sep 2015.  Complaint Over Lack Of Penzance Quay Waiting Facilities.  
 A St Mary’s guesthouse owner says he’s disgusted that elderly people and children had to wait for over one hour in driving rain on Penzance Quay to board the Scillonian III. The Steamship Company say they are not in charge of quay infrastructure and all they can do is push for future upgrades.  Read the full news item and comments here.

2 Sep 2015.  The Scillonian III Carries Its Four Millionth Passenger To Scilly.
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28 Aug 2015.  Support Decreasing For Sunday Flying. (23 comments)
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24 Aug 2015.  Partnership Wants Scilly’s Tourism Economy To Grow By £5m. (21 comments)
Scilly Today reports that the Islands’ Partnership is hoping to grow Scilly’s tourism economy by £5m over the next two years.  The ambitious target is highlighted in their new annual report, which is going out to members this week.  Read the full item and comments here.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Airport Cash Situation Worse Than Expected

From Scilly Today 6 Jul 2015.   The Council’s latest accounts show how serious the cash situation is at St Mary’s Airport.  The account was £170,000 in deficit at the end of the last financial year.  It is a so-called trading account, meaning the airport can’t go into the red and can’t be supported from ratepayers’ money although the Council is allowed to borrow money to cover any shortfall.  It marks a significant worsening in the airport’s financial position and it’s the first time it’s needed a bail out. At the same point last year, reserves stood at £249,000. That means they’ve spent around £419,000 from the airport ‘savings.’
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